Washington, D.C.

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  1. Trump Will Get To Keep His DC Liquor License After All
    The $100 vodka-oyster-caviar martini lives to see another day.
  2. More 'Bad Character' Examples Added To Trump's DC Liquor License Challenge
    The president needs to be "of good character" if he wants to hold on to his liquor license for Trump International Hotel.
  3. Mick Mulvaney Suggests Military Parade Canceled For Reasons Besides Money
    The White House budget director hinted that Trump's rocky relationship with Washington city officials played a role.
  4. Trump Blasts D.C. Politicians Over Postponed Military Parade
    A military parade has long been a desire of Trump – now he says he'll attend an Armistice Day parade in Paris instead.
  5. Massive K2 Drug Overdose In New Haven
    At least 70 people have overdosed in a park in New Haven, Conn., after consuming synthetic marijuana known as K2, authorities say. But what exactly is K2 and why is it dangerous?