Washington, D.C.

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  1. Rich Fraud, Poor Fraud: The GOP's Double Standard On Tax Mistakes
    Their new tax bill lavishes breaks on businesses that underpay what they owe.
  2. The First Felony Trial Of Trump Inauguration Protesters Is About To Go To A Jury
    A judge dismissed just one of the felony charges against six defendants on Wednesday, leaving them exposed to potential lengthy prison sentences.
  3. Native American Activists Create Spoof Website To Call For Redskins Name Change
    "It’s about a racist name that a racist person doesn’t want to change," one of the activists behind the site said.
  4. Lead Cop In Felony Trial For Trump Inaugural Protesters Sent Anti-Activist Tweets
    Gregg Pemberton was quizzed about his use of Twitter by defense lawyers.
  5. Photographer, Now Facing Felonies, Had Asked News Site For Inauguration Work
    "Got any assignments you want to throw at me?” Alexei Wood asked in one email to an editor before Jan. 20.