Washington, D.C.

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  1. Celebs Arrested For Protesting
    Jane Fonda is not the only celebrity who was willing to be arrested for protesting.
  2. Here Are The States Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day Instead Of Columbus
    At least five states and Washington, D.C., have done away with Columbus Day celebrations in deference to Native Americans.
  3. Activists 'Shut Down D.C.' To Demand More Action On Climate Crisis
    Protesters calling for a Green New Deal and other steps to combat climate change disrupted traffic in Washington on Monday morning.
  4. Housing Firms Used Discriminatory Facebook Ad Tool To Exclude Older Tenants: Lawsuit
    Apartment building owners are accused of keeping older people from seeing listings for available units. Facebook has faced legal action over ad tools before.
  5. D.C. Neo-Nazi Will Be Released After Time Served In Gun Case
    Jeffrey Clark pleaded guilty to a gun charge in July and served nearly 10 months in custody.