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  1. Forget Mexico, Trump Can't Get Even Get Congress To Pay For His Wall
    Spending plan for the rest of this budget year doesn't include any money for Trump's biggest campaign promise.
  2. Progressives Declare Victory Over Chicago ‘Machine’ In Down-Ballot Primary Races
    “There’s no doubt that change is in the air,” said one activist.
  3. What You Need To Know About Zuckerberg’s Media Blitz
    The Facebook CEO finally apologized for the data breach and talked about regulating the company.
  4. Budget Deal Lifts Ban On Federal Research Of Gun Violence
    Gun rights advocates have for years opposed focusing on firearms as a public health issue.
  5. Republican Rick Saccone Concedes To Conor Lamb In Pennsylvania Congressional Race
    The move cements a stunning Democratic upset in a long-time Republican area that Trump won handily in 2016.