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  1. Republican Mark Sanford Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race
    The former South Carolina governor focused on the national debt in his campaign, calling Trump the "king of debt."
  2. Donald Trump Apparently Thought Roger Stone Had Inside Information On WikiLeaks
    Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign official, testified that Trump "indicated that more information would be coming” after talking to Roger Stone.
  3. Lawmakers Introduce Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill Of Rights On State Level
    The bipartisan bill encourages states to give victims of sexual violence the same protections they’re currently afforded under federal law.
  4. Hillary Clinton: 'Shameful' For UK To Delay Report On Russian Meddling In Brexit
    The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "inexplicable" decision to withhold the information.
  5. Jimmy Carter Recovering After Surgery
    The longest-lived U.S. president was hospitalized Monday to relieve pressure in his brain.