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  1. Democrats Are Planning To Target The Arms Sales Trump Loves
    Their new House majority is discussing ways to have more debates that could block deals, an aide and an activist told HuffPost.
  2. Trump Hammered On Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker — By Republicans
    “America needs an attorney general who doesn’t play politics," says Republicans for the Rule of Law.
  3. Orange County, A Conservative Bastion, Turns Blue For The First Time In Decades
    What's stunning is not how many seats Democrats flipped, but how they did it.
  4. Trump Insists 'Raking' Will Help Stop Forest Fires; Twitter Reels
    Solution from Finland, according to the president: "Raking and cleaning and doing things."
  5. Gil Cisneros Wins House Seat, Capping Democratic Rout In California
    The Navy veteran made affordable health care a central issue.