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  1. Nancy Pelosi: Trump 'Had A Temper Tantrum For Us All To See' In The Rose Garden
    The House speaker sent a letter to her congressional colleagues Wednesday night to comment on the president's Rose Garden meltdown.
  2. Ocasio-Cortez Probes How Facial Recognition Technology Can ‘Exacerbate’ Racism
    “Who are the primary engineers and designers of these algorithms?” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked an expert. “White men,” she replied.
  3. Interior Chief Can’t Shake Comment About Not Losing Sleep Over Climate Change
    David Bernhardt’s apathy about the global crisis has become fuel for Democrats, including a few running for president.
  4. Democratic Voters Still Care A Lot About Electability
    Activists and party elders are telling them to throw away the concept. Voters aren’t entirely listening.
  5. Pentagon Considers Plan To Send Up To 10,000 Troops to Middle East
    The Pentagon will propose to the White House to send thousands of American soldiers overseas to defend against potential Iranian threats, officials said.