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  1. White Nationalism, Born In The USA, Is Now A Global Terror Threat
    White Nationalism, Born In The USA, Is Now A Global Terror Threat

    Art Jipson, University of Dayton and Paul J. Becker, University of Dayton

    The recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand is the latest confirmation that white supremacy is a danger to democratic societies across the globe.

    Despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion that white nationalist terrorism is not a major problem, recent data from the United Nations, University of Chicago and other sources show the opposite.

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  2. The End Of The Beginning
    The End Of The Beginning

    I want to note that today we know as much about the contents of the Mueller report as we knew last week or even last month. And so we’ve going from the Pot into the Pan. (See what I did there?)

    Axios has a bit in their morning email thingie, that while not exactly a smoking gun, does give some context to cheer us up (emboldening theirs, as well as enigmatic bullets): President Trump’s legal and political pursuers will hardly back off based on the Mueller report. Consider what else is ramping up:

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  3. 'Authoritarianism' Is Just Another Right-Wing Euphemism For 'Stuff We Don't Like'
    'Authoritarianism' Is Just Another Right-Wing Euphemism For 'Stuff We Don't Like'

    Many Americans have expressed approval of the swift action by the New Zealand government to ban assault weapons in the wake of the Christchurch massacre. To the Washington Examiner's Philip Klein, this is "chilling":

    Democrats celebrating New Zealand gun ban expose the Left's authoritarian impulses

    New Zealand's decision to swiftly ban guns in the wake of Christchurch shooting has been drawing praise among Democrats — in the process revealing the Left's chilling authoritarian impulses.

    ... it has been absolutely chilling to witness how many American liberals and prominent Democrats cheered the actions of the government of New Zealand. Even as liberals often insist that nobody is talking about taking away guns, many applauded the decision of a government to quickly confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens without any debate or legal arguments.

    All gun control is "chilling" to right-wingers, but why is this being called "authoritarian"? The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines "auithoritarianism" as "any political system that concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally responsible to the body of the people."

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  4. AM Joy Panel Wrangles Frustration With Mueller Report Into Key Question About Trump And Russia

    As usual, Joy Reid had a killer panel on her show to (as expected) dissect the ramifications of the delivery of Mueller's report to Attorney General Bill Barr. Reactions were mixed, ranging from frustration to calm, to anticipation of what's next to come out of the Southern District of New York's excellent prosecutorial team. One of the things causing frustration was the Congressional Democrats' reluctance to move on any impeachment charges pending Mueller's report. Fernand Amandi and Elie Mystal were definitely in that camp.

    AMANDI: I hate to be in the position to criticize Speaker Pelosi who I think is doing an outstanding job otherwise. But I think she was absolutely wrong with those ridiculous comments that impeachment is not really worth doing for Donald Trump. There is a Constitutional duty to engage in the process, and it is the very process of impeachment that, I think Nick Ackerman will speak to, or the beginning of that, is what got the Republicans in '74 to finally flip on Nixon. I think that methodical comprehension of taking this case to the American people, and having the American people be the judge, because they're the ones who impeachment is for, not Republican senators. It's for the American people and for the rule of law. That's why we need to begin impeachment proceedings. And I don't think we need that Mueller permission slip from the report again to do so, Joy.

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  5. Fox Already Weaponizing Mueller Report After Misleadingly Suggesting Trump Exonerated
    Fox Already Weaponizing Mueller Report After Misleadingly Suggesting Trump Exonerated

    Before knowing what’s in the Mueller report, Donald Trump's unofficial Media Monitor Mollie Hemingway smugly suggested Dear Leader was found innocent and that reporters, Democrats and government officials who have suggested otherwise be “held accountable.”

    It has been revealed that the Mueller report does not recommend new indictments. However, that does not mean that no new indictments are coming. As The New York Times reported, this “might seem like the conclusion of a long-running drama, but it is only the end of the beginning.” There are still Congressional investigations that could refer criminal charges to the Department of Justice, the Times noted. Also, some of Mueller’s work will continue without him:

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