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  1. Trump Proposes 'New' Law That Has Already Existed For 20 Years

    And naturally, the rubes at his rally in Iowa gave this "news" a rousing standing ovation. So it goes for the cult of Dear Leader.

    Source: The Hill

    President Trump in a rally on Wednesday evening said immigrants who enter the United States should not be eligible for welfare benefits for five years, though such a law has already existed for 20 years.

    “The time has come for new immigration rules which say that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years,” Trump told a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the U.S. Cellular Center.

    The president said his administration would be “putting in legislation to that effect very shortly.”

    But such a law is already in effect and has been in place since 1996.

    Known as the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, the legislation was passed during the administration of former President Bill Clinton and said that an immigrant is “not eligible for any Federal means-tested public benefit” for five years, which starts on the date the immigrant enters the country.

  2. Years From Now, This Will Be The Right-Wing Narrative Of The Trumpcare Disaster
    Years From Now, This Will Be The Right-Wing Narrative Of The Trumpcare Disaster

    We know that McConnell/Ryan/Trumpcare is going to be horrible:

    The tax credits for people who buy insurance on the exchanges are ... stingier than the current system. Right now, Obamacare’s tax credits cut off for people who earn four times the poverty level, which means people just over that threshold often struggle to afford insurance. Rather than fix this problem, the Senate bill would set the cutoff even lower, to three-and-a-half times the poverty level, making insurance unaffordable for more people in the middle class.

    Amazingly, the Senate bill reportedly institutes deeper Medicaid cuts than the House bill.... The House version holds the program to the inflation rate plus one percent — which is historically lower than medical costs have risen, meaning that the program would have to curtail benefits for its beneficiaries, who tend to be poor and very sick. The Senate bill would cut growth down to the inflation rate, without the extra one percent.

    ... The tax cuts are what drive the bill’s inescapable cruelty. By eliminating nearly a trillion dollars in revenue, it necessarily creates a trillion dollars in cuts for coverage subsidies. The House bill reduces the insurance rolls by 23 million. The Senate bill won’t fare a whole lot better.

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  3. Jimmy Kimmel: 'And Then These Guys Wonder Why We Hate Them'
    Jimmy Kimmel: 'And Then These Guys Wonder Why We Hate Them'

    As we might have guessed, Jimmy Kimmel, who made an impassioned plea for comprehensive health coverage after the birth of his sick baby, is just disgusted with the Senate "health care" bill.

    He said it was "cynical" and pointed out it takes effect after most of the GOP senators run for reelection.

    “This morning, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell showed us a draft of his top-secret new health care legislation," he said.

    "They opened the vault. They laid the bill out on a table, rubbed lemon juice all over it and the text magically appeared for all to see. And wouldn’t you know it, the bill includes a big tax cut for rich people!”

    Quelle surprise!

    “So unless you just got drafted by an NBA team, it’s not great news. They’re calling the plan ‘Better Care’ -- as in, ‘Just imagine how much better this plan would be if the people who wrote it cared,'” he said.

    “And it slashes Medicaid, which could negatively affect millions of poor and elderly people,” he continued.

    “But here’s the thing. It won’t happen until 2024. It’s gradual. Which makes you wonder, why 2024. What is the significance of that? Will we all be in those pods from The Matrix by then, we won’t need health care?

    "The reason it’s 2024 is that will be after most of the current senators have run for re-election. And then these guys wonder why we hate them.

    "And that’s why.”

  4. Trump's Carrier Deal, The Deal That Wasn't
    Trump's Carrier Deal, The Deal That Wasn't

    Remember those 1000 jobs Trump touted that he'd save in Indianapolis, from a plant that had employed 1400? Well, starting next month about 600 of them are headed to Mexico anyway.

    Source: Death and Taxes

    The children of over 600 Carrier employees better hope they’re having Christmas in July because Donald Trump just ruined their winter holiday season.

    Way back at the beginning of December of last year, Trump appeared at the Indianapolis plant touting his nothingburger deal that would supposedly keep jobs in the US instead of sending them to Mexico.

    “So many people in the other — that big, big beautiful plant behind us, which will be even more beautiful in about seven months from now. They’re so happy. They’re going to have a great Christmas,” Trump rambled, likely too unaware and blinded by his gilded ego to realize that the “great Christmas” he mentioned would be their last at Carrier.

    Hundreds of employees will get the boot starting next month. Carrier said it would offer laid off workers manufacturing jobs at other plants but CNBC reports that union officials haven’t received a single offer.

    And this paragraph says it all.

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  5. Does Rep. Collins Have Insurance For A Gun Accident?
    Does Rep. Collins Have Insurance For A Gun Accident?

    Congressman Chris Collins (R) New York wrote an opinion piece titled:

    I’m a member of Congress and I’m going to start carrying a gun
    Today U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R) Alabama introduced HR 2940 a bill that would permit congressional lawmakers to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the country except the U.S. Capitol or in the presence of the president or vice president.

    Okay Reps. I hear you, you are scared. I get it, decades of the NRA passing laws making more guns available to more people with less training and fewer restrictions on where they can bring them makes the world a scarier place. Thanks Obama!

    Congresspeople could do the logical thing and buy and wear body armor, which could actually protect them. As the old saying goes, "Guns don't protect you, body armor does!"

    But it's not really about protecting yourself is it? Stopping bullets with a vest doesn't sound bad ass enough. Too passive. You want people to think, "He'll shoot anyone who looks at him funny." Why let actual self protection get in the way of the image of a gunslinger?

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