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  1. Where's Waldo? - Impeachable Edition

    Where's Impeachable Waldo?

    He's right there.

    Can't possibly miss him.

    Blind man could spot him on a moonless night.

    He's. Right. There.

    Open thread below...

  2. C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Control Freaks

    The start of another week always calls for an explosion of scuzzy fuzz. Here's a band that features a czar of such sounds.

    Greg Lowery, he of bands such as Supercharger, the Rip Offs and the Zodiac Killers is a main brain in the band Control Freaks! The rock-n-roll on their new album, She's The Bomb, is a wonderfully blown and wrecked out as ever!!!

    If ya dig you can also blast out another song by them that I have in my latest podcast.

    What are you listening to tonight?

  3. Ben Shapiro's Ugly Employee Gets Shredded For Calling Greta Thunberg A 'Mentally Ill Child'

    Michael Knowles is a dumpster fire, garbage human being. This is not news, given that he works for Ben Shapiro. But what he said tonight cements his title at the top of the steaming dung pile of human excrement collected over at Fox News.

    I saw this clip and had a truly visceral reaction. My heart raced, my pulse got stronger, my face got hot. Here, on live TV, was a despicable, hateful, nasty grown man trying to denigrate and minimize the passion and dedication that a 16-year old girl has for SAVING THE ACTUAL WORLD FROM CLIMATE CHANGE.

    And what was his way of insulting her? HE CALLED HER MENTALLY ILL. Not once, but numerous times. And not in a kind or empathetic way -- as a fu*king INSULT.

    Greta Thunberg is a 16-year old Swedish activist who has spent years trying to educate the world on climate change. She started by protesting outside of Swedish parliament for 3 weeks, demanding that the Swedish government reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

    Greta has won numerous awards and honors, including: the Svenska Dagbladet's debate article writing competition, the Children's Climate Prize, which she declined. She was named one of the world's "25 most influential teenagers of 2018" by Time Magazine. Greta was also nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRICE by Swedish Parliament in March of 2019. In April of 2019, Time Magazine went further than her first "list" and named her one of the 100 most influential people of 2019.

    Let's keep going, shall we?

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  4. Fox News' Frat Boy: UN 'Antisemitic' Organization With History Of 'Raping And Pillaging'

    Fox "News" host and resident frat boy Jesse Watters went off on the United Nations during The Five earlier Monday, calling it an "anti-Semitic institution...sitting there with their hand out."

    Clearly the erstwhile Mr. Watters has never actually studied the UN, why it was created, and the role it plays in preventing World War III today, or he might have chosen his words more carefully. Of course it's Fox "News" so he doesn't really have to as long as he stands up for Dear Leader, who blew off the Climate Summit in favor of spewing some words about Christian supremacy -- oops, I mean "religious liberty."

    Watters first listed those he believed to be allies, leaving out countries like Japan, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Turkey and more, before preening about how it's "quality, not quantity" that defines the allies the U.S. keeps. (Sweet Jesus, man, just come out and say the things about brown and black folks you want to say. Don't hold back, Fox Frat Boi.)

    "So, it's always been an anti-Semitic institution, and they're always sitting there with their hand out, right?" he complained. "And we give them billions of dollars, and once we cut the check we have no idea where the money is going, and they always vote against us. But, you want to know why? "

    NO, please tell us why sovereign nations are "always voting against us," oh sage of the most wise Kingdom of Fox.

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  5. National Security Lawyer Warns That Trump Is Spinning Ukraine As Cover

    Has the idea that all of the hithery-dithery anonymously sourced reporting on Trump's call with Ukraine might be a BS narrative crafted by the White House to distract from the actual substance of the whistleblower complaint he is illegally withholding from Congress?

    If not, consider it. Is there a more perfectly reasoned story than the one they're telling? The one where Trump admits, through surrogates and anonymous sources, that hell yes, he pressured Ukraine's president to work with Rudy to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. How perfect! He gets to slime Joe Biden with a long-debunked story involving Hunter Biden while simultaneously throwing smoke at the real story contained in the whistle-blower's report.

    It's all so convenient, and national security attorney Brad Moss is warning that yes, it's too convenient and too easy.

    A lawyer for the firm representing the whistleblower, Moss had some warnings for Ali Velshi's viewers.

    "Well, the president's certainly trying to frame a narrative here and there's certainly been the selective leaks of what the substance of the disclosure may or may not have been. There's been no leak from the whistle-blower and from the legal team representing the whistle-blower confirming any of the details of what actually was the full universe of claims outlined in that whistle-blower complaint and that validated by the inspector general of the intelligence community," Moss pointed out.

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