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  1. Late Night Music Club With B.B. King And Eric Clapton

    Nothing tricky or obscure. Just masters of their craft on stage together, making such sweet sounds, it'd make you cry.

    What are you listening to this evening?

    Dale is on vacation this week.

  2. Seriously What Is Going On With Tucker Carlson?
    Seriously What Is Going On With Tucker Carlson?

    WTF? OMG. SMH.

    — Tomthunkit™ (@TomthunkitsMind) May 22, 2019

    Maybe it's homophobia. Maybe it's lies. Maybe it's both.

    Yeah it's both.

    Open thread below...

  3. For Her Next Trick, Nancy Pelosi Should Demand To See Trump's Alleged Healthcare Plan
    For Her Next Trick, Nancy Pelosi Should Demand To See Trump's Alleged Healthcare Plan

    As Washington Monthly's Nancy LeTourneau notes, this morning's tantrum by President Trump seemed awfully scripted:

    Trump was scheduled to meet with Democratic leaders at the White House on Wednesday morning to continue their discussion about infrastructure.

    But just before the meeting, Nancy Pelosi, fresh from a confab with her caucus on the subject of impeachment, accused the president of engaging in a cover-up. After that:

    When Democratic leaders arrived at the White House, Trump walked into the room, went on a five-minute rant about ongoing investigations, and then walked out. He proceeded to the Rose Garden where he held a supposedly impromptu press conference, refusing to govern until Democrats stopped their investigations. They claim that it was Pelosi’s remarks about a cover-up that triggered it all.

    But if this was a spontaneous reaction to Pelosi's words this morning, why had it already been teed up by the White House staff, with a tendentious placard?

    Trump appears to be calling reporters to the Rose Garden to do an in-person version of his tweets from the past week:

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  4. Sen. Schumer Unmasks White House Charade: 'Preplanned Excuse'
    Sen. Schumer Unmasks White House Charade: 'Preplanned Excuse'

    After Donald Trump had his hissy fit in the Oval Office this morning over Nancy Pelosi's accusation that he is "engaged in a cover-up," Chuck Schumer stepped to the microphone and ripped the curtain back to expose the wimp pulling the strings.

    After labeling Trump's feigned aggravation at Pelosi's statement as a "preplanned excuse" not to deal with a realistic infrastructure bill, Schumer brought the receipts.

    "'It's clear that this was not a spontaneous move on the President's part," Schumer said. "It was planned."

    "When we got in the room, the curtains were closed," Schumer told reporters. It wasn't immediately clear why this was important, but it was because the Rose Garden was visible through the windows. And as Schumer went on to explain, there was a place in the room for Trump to stage his little tantrum and refuse to deal with any infrastructure bill before he would walk out...again, just as he has in the past.

    Schumer dropped the final receipt. "And, of course, then he went to the Rose Garden with prepared signs that had been printed up long before our meeting."

    As usual, Trump is unserious about getting any work done. His role is simply to bask in the love of his fascist, racist base and serve the billionaires' desire to destroy good government. It's good to see Schumer push back on that.

  5. Fox And Friends: Too Soon To Criticize Ben Carson For Not Learning His Job

    Fox and Friends did their job on Wednesday morning, defending Trump's entitled, corrupt, ignorant, and derelict HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

    Carson had one of the most embarrassing testimonies since literally several other Trump cabinet members. Some wondered if Ben Carson is there to make Steve Mnuchin look intelligent and prepared.

    Is there anyone else in America who would fail a test of a fundamental aspect of their job -- on national television, no less -- and not be fired on the spot? #BenCarsonResign has been trending all day.

    But hired-for-his-brains Brian Kilmeade thinks we're going way too hard on the guy:

    "He's just getting used to the housing authority. So, easy with the comments. It's unbelievable!"

    Did Trump have time before his catastrophic meltdown to DM you an "attaboy," Brian?