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  1. Meet The Emoji Congress
    Meet The Emoji Congress

    h/t Marilyn, open thread below...

  2. C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Blood Freak (1972)

    Thanksgiving-themed thriller movies are rare indeed, so instead please attempt to enjoy this truly bizarre slice of cult movie cheese in which a nice, young Christian man smokes pot and turns into a homicidal mutant turkey.

    Quote of the movie: "Look, we don't always understand the purpose of why things happen." Like, for example, why in the name of Chalchiuhtotolin, the Aztec Jade Turkey God, this thing was ever released.

    I also admit I thoroughly enjoyed discovering that the production was so cheap that when the voice-over narrator nearly coughed up a lung, they just said "Aw, screw it" and left it in.


  3. BREAKING: Andrew Gillum Condedes Florida Race After Recount Results Become Clear
    BREAKING: Andrew Gillum Condedes Florida Race After Recount Results Become Clear

    Tonight, Andrew Gillum conceded the governor's race of Florida to Ron DeSantis, after acknowledging that the recount results would not be in his favor. It has been a tight race and a nasty one, in which DeSantis let his racism fly in full view. He warned Floridians against "monkeying up" the election by choosing Gillum. He referred to him during the debate as "Andrew," all throughout, despite the fact that he is the duly elected Mayor of Tallahassee, and entitled to the honorific of "Mayor," or at the very least, "Mr." He refused to renounce the endorsements of white nationalists and the KKK.

    But even with all of these things, more Floridians voted for that racism rather than for progressivism. According to the New York Times,

    The race between the two young and energetic politicians — Mr. DeSantis, a Trump acolyte who adopted elements of the president’s white-hot style, and Mr. Gillum, a liberal darling running to be Florida’s first black governor — was widely seen as a proxy battle between competing ideological visions of the country’s future, one diverse and progressive, the other conservative and nationalist.

    We were hoping this time, there was a chance the battle might have been won by the diverse progressive side. Sadly, the conservative nationalist side prevailed. But not by much.

  4. Joy Reid To Michael Steele: 'Why Did Your Pelosi Strategy Work So Well With Democrats?'

    Watch this AM Joy segment. Former RNC chair Michael Steele, who strategized the original attacks on Nancy Pelosi, is astounded at how well it's still working.

    "Michael, because you more than anyone elsewhere were the architect, brilliantly so, of the Pelosi strategy in 2010," Reid said.

    "You know, much of the reason that the wave happened in 2010, partly was the Tea party, partly was a real vitriol against President Obama, but you as RNC chair directed that energy against Nancy Pelosi. Ever since then the people who have bought into that anti-Pelosi feeling, the only people more fervent than the Tea party folks who bought into it are other Democrats."

    "I know," Steele said.

    "They said, oh my God, people don't like Nancy Pelosi, she's got to go. You're responsible for this," Reid said.

    "I know."

    "You need to explain to me --why did your tactic work so well on Democrats?"

    "I'm still trying to figure that out myself!" Steele said, laughing.

    "You want to be chairman of another party? You seem to be good at running the Democratic party," she said.

    "At this point, I think that's right. Here's my thing, my strategy in 2010 was not exclusively political --it was also respecting the center of power in Washington. I've watched Nancy Pelosi. I've known her from our political stage here in Maryland.

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  5. RIP, California GOP: 'You Just Lost Reagan Country'
    RIP, California GOP: 'You Just Lost Reagan Country'

    The Trump debacle, their continued idiotic war on Obamacare, and problems with Hispanic, African-Americans, LGBT, women, and many other groups have decimated California's Republican Party.

    This is a good thing.

    Source: Politico

    LOS ANGELES — In the wake of a near-political annihilation in California that has left even longtime conservative stronghold Orange County bereft of a single Republican in the House of Representatives, a growing chorus of GOP loyalists here say there’s only one hope for reviving the flatlining party: Blow it up and start again from scratch.

    That harsh assessment comes as Republicans survey the damage from the devastation of a “blue tsunami” in California which wiped out five GOP-held House seats — with more still threatened — while handing every statewide seat and a supermajority to the Democrats in both houses of the state legislature this week.

    The latest blow came Thursday, when Democrat Katie Porter, an UC Irvine professor, defeated Republican Rep. Mimi Walters in a district which represents the beating political heart of Orange County.

    Politico then goes on to quote several prominent Californian Republicans, including former state GOP Assembly leader Kristin Olsen, whose Op-Ed this week declared them dead.

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