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  1. Oh Noes! Trump Never Said The Words 'Radical Islam' In Afghanistan Speech
    Oh Noes! Trump Never Said The Words 'Radical Islam' In Afghanistan Speech

    During Monday's presidential address to the nation about Trump's new super secret plans to win the Afghanistan war, a funny thing happened as he read the teleprompter. President Trump never proclaimed the words "radical Islam" or radical Islamic terrorists."

    These remarks were obviously carefully vetted to make sure Trump never uttered those words, but when did that ever stop Trump from doing or saying anything?

    When President Obama first took office, conservatives concocted a bogus talking point that since Obama refused to denounce "radical Islam" as purveyors of terrorism, the U.S. couldn't defeat them because we don't even know their name.

    This nonsense was a constant refrain for eight years even during the 2016 presidential election.

    Obama “disgracefully refused to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’,” Trump said in a statement Sunday. “For that reason alone, he should step down.

    Trump even said it soon after the terror attacks in Barcelona on August, 18th:

    Radical Islamic Terrorism must be stopped by whatever means necessary! The courts must give us back our protective rights. Have to be tough!

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  2. Jerry Falwell Jr's Excuses Show Religious Right Are Phonies
    Jerry Falwell Jr's Excuses Show Religious Right Are Phonies

    Jerry Falwell Jr., one of the evangelical leaders on Trump's Faith Council told ABC News that the only reason he supported Donald Trump was that he wasn't "politically correct."

    Is that all it takes to win over the religious right? What a bunch of abject frauds.

    After Trump's acidic performance last Tuesday during his Charlottesville presser, a hailstorm of criticism rained down on Trump, his two economic councils were disbanded.

    However, only one person resigned from Trump's faith council, and for the rest of the members, we heard muted silence and the chirping of crickets.

    Falwell had the audacity to actually tweet this:

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  3. Take The Poll: Will Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tonight In Arizona?
    Take The Poll: Will Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tonight In Arizona?

    Last week Fox News reported that President Trump is considering pardoning his good xenophobic pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    For some weird reason Trump flew to Arizona today host a Trump style rally for his adoring fans. Even Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is skipping this event and will only meet Trump on the tarmac.

    To me, after his cancerous Charlottesville presser, it appears Trump needed hugs and kisses from his sycophants.

    It makes no sense at all for Trump to do an ego-driven, rabble-rousing, media-attacking speech at this point in his presidency.

    With his "forever war" Afghanistan address last night, the press is actually talking about something other than Trump's neo-Nazi approved press conference.

    Will Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

    Phoenix's mayor wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post and has explicitly said Trump should not be in his city.

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  4. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Can't Define What 'Winning' In Afghanistan Means

    ABC's George Stephanopoulos pressured U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to define what 'winning" means in Afghanistan-- and her answer was as un-serious as it was lazy. To "defeat terrorism."

    You mean like we did in Iraq? Seriously, Nikki. No one is buying what you're selling.

    President Trump did not answer any basic questions on what his Afghanistan strategy is, including "winning," and why we are staying there, so ABC's George Stephanopoulos pressured Nikki Haley to fill in some of the blanks. because that is the job of all Trump hires: fill in the blanks between your boss's ears so we can imagine we have a functioning White House.

    And like every other Trump hire, Nikki came armed with nothing but platitudes. If she gave any actual details, she might get in trouble with Trump, right?

    Stephanopoulos asked, "The president said we will win in Afghanistan. but he didn't define victory, so can you define victory specifically for the American people?"

    Haley replied, "Well, I think what we're trying to do is defeat terrorism of all kinds and I think in Afghanistan what it's become is a safe haven..."

    Terrorism is an idea, a process of how to terrorize your enemies, it's not a strategy.

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  5. Lyin' Ryan's Fake Town Hall: Profile In Cowardice
    Lyin' Ryan's Fake Town Hall: Profile In Cowardice

    In a media event that was comically called a "town hall," Lyin' Paul Ryan had this to say about Trump's comments regarding Charlottesville:

    "I think he messed up on Tuesday. so, let me say it this way, it is very, very important that we not make this a partisan food fight.Iit is very important that we unify in condemning this kind of violence, in condemning this kind of hatred. and to make this us against them, Republicans against Democrats, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, that is a big mistake for our country and that will demean the value of this important issue."

    What a crock!

    This isn't an us vs them issue. This isn't Democrat vs Republican issue. This isn't a pro-Trump vs anti-Trump issue. Hell, this isn't even a white vs black issue.

    This is a love vs hate issue. This is a right vs. wrong issue. This is a good vs evil issue.

    When those polo-wearing, tiki torch-bearing Nazis and Klansmen terrorized Charlottesville, they were wrong. They were hateful. They were evil.

    The fact that Trump said that Nazis are good people isn't messing up. He was sympathizing with the Nazis. He was wrong. He was evil.

    By refusing to condemn the statements, by refusing to censure Trump for being a Nazi sympathizer, Ryan is tacitly condoning it.

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