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  1. A close, necessary look at Louise Linton’s filmography
    From "Cabin Fever" (the reboot) to "Rules Don't Apply," a study of her extensive body of work
  2. Billy Joel wore the yellow Star of David in protest of neo-Nazis
    Joel ditches his usual apolitical stance for an anti-Nazi protests
  3. Ideologically extreme members of Congress do better on Facebook
    Members whose voting records are more solidly left-wing or right-wing tended to have more supporters on Facebook
  4. Al Franken: Donald Trump has no sense of humor, doesn’t “think he’s funny at all”
    In a podcast interview with Seth Meyers, Sen. Al Franken discusses his new book and his fellow colleagues
  5. Lipslut’s “F**k Trump” lipstick just raised $40,000 for Charlottesville victims
    Here's the only makeup product you need to fight fascism