1. Transitioning ThinkProgress
    Many years ago, we embarked on a new experiment: moving ThinkProgress from an organizational blog to a progressive news site, powered by reporters and editorially independent. We are proud that ThinkProgress helped shape the conversation in this country—exposing the companies that were supporting the NRA, uncovering sexual abuse within religious organizations, documenting voter suppression, and […]
  2. CNN’s planning a 2020 LGBTQ forum. Here are some issues advocates say the candidates should address.
    A prominent LGBTQ rights organization, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced Thursday that it will host a presidential town hall on LGBTQ issues next month. The event will air on CNN. LGBTQ advocacy groups told ThinkProgress that they know exactly what ideas they want to hear discussed at the town hall set for Oct. 10, […]
  3. It wasn’t a debate, but CNN’s 7-hour climate forum laid bare key differences among Democrats
    CNN’s seven-hour town hall on the climate crisis wasn’t the debate many activists have spent months calling for. But Wednesday night’s marathon event teased out notable differences among Democratic presidential contenders, giving voters a taste of how each candidate might approach climate policy if elected. Two of the main issues where candidates staked out wildly […]
  4. GOP candidate has a pretty hypocritical excuse for why he’s down in the polls
    Dan Bishop, the Republican nominee in next week’s North Carolina congressional special election, claimed on Thursday that the reason polls show he could lose a district that President Donald Trump won easily is that so much money was coming in from out of district to support his Democratic opponent. But most of the money going […]
  5. To build Trump’s border wall, Pentagon will divert funds from military schools and day cares
    President Donald Trump, despite his empty claims that he’s the most pro-military president “ever,” is preparing to drain funds from schools and day care centers that serve military families, as well as stalling readiness projects, to pay for his promised border wall. The Pentagon is diverting billions of dollars from already funded projects at military […]