1. The 2,232 page omnibus spending bill, explained in less than 1000 words
    Late Wednesday evening, after a day of considerable debate between House Republicans and the White House, legislators released the text of the 2,232 page omnibus spending bill. Lawmakers in the House may be in for a long night of reading, as they may be casting votes on the omnibus as early as Thursday. If passed […]
  2. GOP congresswoman blames the ‘deep state’ for Ben Carson’s outlandishly expensive dining set
    A Republican congresswoman blamed the “deep state” for ordering a $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson, President Donald Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Daily Beast first reported Tenney’s comments Wednesday evening, which she made during an appearance on a local upstate New York radio show, Talk! Of the Town. The interview […]
  3. Employees at U.S. government-backed independent media agency fear a pro-Trump ‘coup’
    Employees at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the U.S. government-backed international media agency, are raising concerns about the possibility of a pro-Trump “coup.” BBG provides independent news coverage around the world, running Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, and whistleblowers say […]
  4. With their leadership knocked out, young white supremacists face a directionless future
    Two years ago, with Donald Trump barreling toward the presidency, the young white supremacists bolstering his campaign looked to two of their own for leadership, guidance, and the ideological heft to bring their dreams to fruition. In the relatively short time since, however, that hopeful vision has collapsed. Dreams of an ascendant, generational shift in […]
  5. Before being fired by Sessions, Andrew McCabe reportedly authorized a criminal probe into Sessions
    Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III less than two days before he became eligible for a federal pension, reportedly oversaw a criminal probe into Sessions himself. The criminal probe into the attorney general, as well as McCabe’s role in this probe, was first reported by ABC […]