1. Andrew Gillum concedes race for Florida governor to Ron DeSantis
    Andrew Gillum on Saturday ended his bid to become Florida’s governor, conceding the race to his Republican rival Ron DeSantis after a bitter campaign marred by racist innuendo and malfunctioning voting machines in majority Democratic precincts. Gillum posted a video of himself Saturday, flanked by his wife R. Jai, in which he broke the news […]
  2. Trump tours California wildfire devastation, blames everything but climate change
    President Donald Trump arrived in California Saturday to assess the damage from the catastrophic Camp Fire, which has claimed the lives of 71 people so far, with more than 1,000 others missing. Millions of California residents are breathing the worst air in the world as smoke from the deadliest fire in California history travels hundreds […]
  3. Trump revives shutdown threats over border wall funding
    The coming weeks “would be a very good time to do a shutdown” to force Congress to approve funding for a physical wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump said Saturday. The president has already forced the government to shut briefly two times over the controversial policy, which was the central promise of his 2016 […]
  4. Laura Ingraham lashes out over New York billboard condemning anti-gay group
    “No gays allowed,” proclaims a new billboard in Times Square. “STOP Alliance Defending Freedom,” smaller letters below the shocking message read. “Learn more at” The billboard is an attempt by the group Citizens for Transparency to highlight the anti-LGBTQ work done by conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has, for more than two decades […]
  5. Seb Gorka is hosting a new Sinclair propaganda special about the rise of socialism
    Sebastian Gorka, the former Trump aide with ties to a Hungarian Nazi party, is hosting a new must-run show for Sinclair about the “dangers” of socialism. As Media Matters wrote Friday, the 30-minute special appears to be the first in a multipart series which will “take an in-depth look at the appeal of a system that […]