1. The problem with Fox’s Alabama Senate race poll
    The Alabama Senate race is all tied up, according to a Fox News poll released Tuesday. The only problem? The poll doesn’t screen for likely voters. The Fox poll has Republican nominee Roy Moore and Democratic nominee Doug Jones tied at 42 percent. The results are striking for the deep red state, as Fox notes […]
  2. There’s a reason you didn’t hear about a man who recently tried to bomb an airport
    Odds are most Americans have no idea who Michael Christopher Estes is or how close he came earlier this month to exploding a homemade bomb to sow national fear at a regional airport in western North Carolina. On October 6, officials at the Asheville Regional Airport discovered an explosive device in a backpack left at […]
  3. The latest silly lie Republicans are using to push a tax reform plan for the wealthy
    The Job Creators Network, a group of wealthy CEOs partnering with Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to lobby for Trump’s deeply regressive tax cuts for the rich, is running a new television ad in three states this week taking President John F. Kennedy’s words out of context to suggest that tax cuts are urgent. The […]
  4. A Republican Senator brought a giant alpaca picture to the floor — and it’s even dumber than it sounds
    As Republican Senators begin tax reform negotiations to cut taxes for the wealthy and well-connected, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) stood on the floor of the Senate to bring attention to alpacas. In a rousing, pun-riddled speech, Flake called alpacas a “serious threat” to reforming the tax code. According to Flake, through clever accounting, some […]
  5. Media outlets grant White House official anonymity to make dishonest attack on Obama
    During a press conference on Monday, President Trump accused President Obama of failing to call the families of some soldiers who had died in the line of duty. Trump’s comments were misleading and inaccurate, and when he was pressed about them later in the news conference, he tried to backtrack. “I don’t know if he […]